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Voices of Change

Transforming a disconnected employee culture into one of strength and community. 

Mount Carmel Health Foundation | Voices of Change

Employee Engagement

| The Plan |

To encourage Stewardship and Commitment To Those Who Are Poor; two of the Mount Carmel Health’s Core Values, through an annual employee fundraising campaign. Use the fundraiser as a means to engage employees with the system’s Purpose and Mission, along with one another. 

| The Goal | 

To foster and cultivate a more authentic and meaningful culture, where leadership is humanized and seen as part of the employee base. Allow leaders to engage employees; connecting deeper and shaping positive outcomes. Show participation along with asking for it, while giving employees a fun experience in exchange for their donations.


| What We Did | 

| LaineGabriel first created a name and brand for the fundraising effort. Giving employees an opportunity to recall and connect to a giving program was imperative to the engagement strategy. Leveraging the client’s creative vision, we then unified the Foundation’s needs with the Mission to develop a campaign experience that resonated with employees while building an engagement strategy around the brand.

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|How We Did It |

With leadership’s alignment, a tight communication strategy and several willing participants, an authentic, fun and engaging employee fundraiser was launched on behalf of the Foundation. This process allowed for a well-orchestrated approach that emotionally resonated with employees and created a deeper connection between them and leaders. Plus, Mount Carmel exceeded their fundraising goals for the year making the campaign a win-win.

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