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This is What We Were Meant To Do

Transforming a disconnected employee culture into one of strength and community. 

Mercy Health | This Is What We Were Meant To Do

Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values

Culture Transformation & Employee Engagement

| The Plan |

To unify nine autonomous healthcare markets across Ohio and Kentucky under one name. Identify and create a powerful, single Purpose – one that emotionally connects to the 33,000 employees and resonates with the existing Mission, Vision and Values held by the Ministry.


| The Goal | 

To create a culture driven by purpose and unity. Transform a fragmented workforce into a culture built around a brand that fosters a singular goal. Develop meaningful experiences that shape employee attitudes and a deeper connection the ministry and one another.

| What We Did | 

LaineGabriel started by defining the core Purpose that makes up the Mercy Health workforce before, during and after the transformation. We developed an Anthem that became the backbone of the integrated Employee Brand, which built on a platform supported by Mercy Health’s Mission, Vision and Core values. This process allowed for a well-choreographed approach that emotionally resonated with employees and created a deeper connection between all markets, Mercy Health and fostered a more unified culture and sense of purpose.  

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| How We Did It |

Understanding only employees and leaders could deliver this message, LaineGabriel spent two-months “on-tour” securing testimonials, videos, commercials, and photography from each market with the intent of bringing the Purpose and engagement strategy to life. Levering a multi-year communications plan (both internal and external) we utilized every visual opportunity to connect to the employee. Each piece became a symbol of the system’s connectivity; the employee’s alignment to the Purpose and served as an opportunity to recognize and showcase employee happiness.

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