Lead the Way

Transforming a disconnected employee culture into one of strength and community. 


Cultural Transformation & Employee Engagement

| The Plan |

To encourage change and positive growth, by defining and promoting a platform for engagement. A reason to believe UC Health can and will transform the delivery of care through the combined efforts of each and every employee —working as a team. 


| The Goal | 

To foster a strong company culture, where each individual feels committed to the success of the system, to one another and the health and care of each patient and our community.


| What We Did | 

LaineGabriel and UC Health transformed a disconnected employee culture into one of strength and community. We created an integrated Employee Brand, built on a platform supported by UC Health’s Purpose (their WHY) Mission, Vision and Core values. This process allowed for a well-choreographed approach that emotionally resonated with employees and created a deeper connection between employees, UC Health and fostered a stronger culture and sense of purpose. 

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| How We Did It |

Uniting 11,000 employees across 40 locations required extensive planning, strategic communications, impeccable timing, and most importantly an authentic message that lived up to UC Health’s purpose. Leveraging our insights from the employee engagement surveys, an Internal Communications audit, and defined pillars of engagement, LaineGabriel and UC Health setout to create a robust launch and sustained tactical strategy to shape positive employee attitudes.

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Teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive and have 28% less internal theft than those with low engagement.

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