Mercy Health - Be Well Within

Transforming a disconnected employee culture into one of strength and community. 


Mercy Health | Be Well Within

Employee Engagement & Employee Benefit Campaign Rollout

| The Plan |

To continue supporting the ministry’s mission and purpose through the addition and introduction of a wellness program for all 33,000 employees. 


| The Goal | 

To Increase engagement, participation and unity of a fragmented workforce, while improving the health and happiness of employees. Develop meaningful experiences that shape employee attitudes and a deeper connection the ministry and one another.

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| What We Did | 

LaineGabriel started with naming and branding the program, while infusing its purpose with the greater mission of the ministry. We utilized a brand integration strategy, combined with a robust communication plan to launch a robust campaign that leveraged every available touch point available to the employee base.  

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|How We Did It |

Using stunning color and simple photography, this Benefits campaign was designed to quickly communicate and grab the busy employee’s attention. Levering a strong tactical approach, we flooded every visual opportunity to connect to the employee. Each piece became a reminder of the system’s dedication, commitment and purpose to care for every person, including their employees.

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