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Welcome to the Familiar. A Call for Value Based PTO.

We started our business after working in a stressful corporate environment while the company was on the downside of their growth curve. Charged with developing a team in this uncertain time made the inequities of the corporate pyramid more clear.

Brought in with the warm embrace β€œWelcome to the family,” you would have thought the company was on the tenets of the Cleavers or the more contemporary bunch of Bradys.

For some, that was true. At the top of the pyramid, they espoused the value of family time and vacations and never missing a school function.

For the rest, that time had to be scheduled, submitted on a form (or fancy app), and subtracted from the PTO balance.

And leaders, without restrictions, encouraged others to follow in their flexible footsteps.

How inspirational.

Where do you start to build the structure you want to be a part of? Start with asking yourself one simple question.

Does leadership, and do you, value something that is impossible within the restrictions of their/your own policies?

ο»ΏIf you, your company, and leadership, value employees health/wellness/family/contributions beyond the corporate walls, it should do so outside of the restrictions of PTO. And it should be done without special treatment for the top of the pyramid.

If so, you can fully embrace calling yourselves a family.