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Struggling with the ROI of Engagement? Use this Simple Chart.


Patient care and patient satisfaction are linked to engagement.

Taken from a slide we used for our ASHHRA webinar, this simple chart tells the complete story, linking indelibly, employee satisfaction to quality patient care. If you want patient satisfaction scores to go up, concentrate on employee engagement. If your culture is suffering, your patient satisfaction scores are going to be low.

Why is this chart so simple and so right? Because highly engaged healthcare employees not only trust their employer, they are also able to improve how they work. They feel valued and have clear job goals. And they feel like a part of the team. Their quality of work life is enhanced because the organization takes steps to promote staff wellness and work-life balance. And they understand that senior management is committed to high-quality care. 

No upward change on this chart requires costly new programs. If anything, they call for a back-to-basics approach to how healthcare organizations manage and motivate their employees.

Lowe, Graham. (2012). How Employee Engagement Matters for Hospital Performance. Healthcare quarterly (Toronto, Ont.). 15. 29-39. 10.12927/hcq.2012.22915. Managers increasingly understand that employee engagement is a prerequisite for high performance.

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