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Peter Pan and Pixie Dust


If you are the leader of a large or small team, you know the value of motivation. You know what bringing a surge of energy can do for the success of a project. You understand that the collective strength of your group is more significant than one member’s efforts, and that includes yours.

Every project and goal that requires long-term sustained work and motivation requires long-term commitments from us.

We, as leaders, can not fly in through the window, create dreams and wonder about what the next steps will bring without the hard work it takes to keep spirits up.

Conversely, we as leaders can not make our employees believe something we don’t think so ourselves. If we believe they can fly, we have to remove any doubt they have that they can. It is our job to kick up the dust. To motivate and excite. To redirect and reignite in times of doubt.

To quote Peter himself, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”

What does your team do when the dust settles?

What do you do to help keep your team aloft when we are off dreaming up the next big thing?

Photo by Edward Paterson on Unsplash

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