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When we ask our employees for loyalty, what are we giving them in return?

I admit I fell into the trap of saying - you give me loyalty, and in return, I give you a paycheck - but don’t we ask so much more of our employees these days?

A paycheck is the break-even point. Perform service and get paid. It’s what we expect. But it does nothing for loyalty or longevity. A paycheck can be received just about anywhere, and employee loyalty can be misconstrued with the employees need for that paycheck.

If we break even with what our employees give us as employers, can’t we only expect 0 in return?

If we give more ( not necessarily money ) to our employees such as kindness, support, growth, admiration, and loyalty, would we not see a better return on our investment?

Your employees worked hard to get where they are. We owe them the paycheck in return for that skillset we need. They owe us only that. When we treat them with dignity and respect for that skillset, and for who they are, and what they mean to the organization, only then can we expect loyalty.