What we do


We specialize in the art of employee happiness.

Engaging employees requires more than an annual survey, fancy software, and free t-shirts. Creating a well-choreographed experience that resonates with a company’s values, requires understanding a company’s “why” and strategically building a culture around the brand.


| What We Do |

We partner with organizations to foster employee happiness and engagement and tackle some of their toughest communication and branding challenges.

• Change Communications

• Cultural Transformation

• Employee Engagement

• Talent Development & Learning

• Onboarding Programs

• Brand Integration

• Employer Branding

• Employee Recognition

• Leadership Vision & Alignment

• Leadership Coaching and Development

• Multigenerational Workforce Coaching

• Employee Benefit Campaign Development / Rollouts

• Recruitment Branding & Advertising

• Environmental / Workspace Branding

Employee Happiness Quotient

Data sets from engagements between 2006 - 2018 | LaineGabriel Client Employee Base | +/- 3%

| How We Do It |

Purpose-driven cultures and happy employees do not happen by chance. They are created strategically and methodically through well-choreographed tactics and experiences.

• Research & Insight

• Survey Analytics & Insights

• Internal Communications Audits

• Strategy 

• Leadership Socialization

• Key Pillars of Engagement

• Communications Planning

• Creative – Campaign Development, Print, Video, Web, Intranet, Digital, Environmental

• Content (Copywriting) – Video, Digital, Print, Experiential, Graphics

• Presentation Design

• Meetings & Events – Onsite, Off-site conferences, Theme, Facilitation, Branding, Design

• Program Execution & Management